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Small Boat Sailing & Oceanography Merit Badges

Beginning Monday, January 8th Mr. Thompson (Skip) will be meet with any Scout interested in working on the Small Boat Sailing and Oceanography merit badges. For those Scouts not going to Sea Base Mr. Thompson will help you arrange activities necessary to complete the merit badges. Visit for requirements and worksheets. Merit Badge Pamphlets are available at the Atlanta Area Council Scout Shop, Direct any questions to Mr. Thompson,, 678-787-9493.

Troop 465 History Project

John Ballard and Nancy Wick, along with several others, have been collecting items for some time for the Troop 465 history project, and would like your input and help.

If you have any photos, news articles, personal stories that you would like to scan, and send us, or let us borrow them to scan them for this history project, it would be most helpful.

Dan Warner is putting a draft document together for John Ballard to edit. We would like to have a first cut edited version by the end of 2017 if possible. We would then have several review meetings where we could use your comments and inputs. We have a number of items, including all the yearly rosters, but could always use more stories of your memories of the Troop.

In addition to the history document, we plan to set up a history museum in the not too distant future to display the photos and other articles. Many of these items will also enhance our website.

Some of the items needed are a list of the Troop activities and their locations over the years, such as, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater, backpacking, hiking, camping, summer camps, training, exploring caves, historical trips, Philmont treks, Seabase trips, Eagle projects, Courts of Honor, and many more.

With many of you helping (both past and present Troop members and families) this can be a very rewarding project!!!

We also need photographs of the Vaughn Rd Scout hut, or maybe someone could take some current pictures of it.

Please submit your items to Dan Warner at, or call him at 678-488-5925, or stop by the Scout hut on Monday nights.

Thank you for your assistance,

Troop 465 History Committee

2018 Recharter

Attention Scouts and Parents,

Yes, it's that time of year again! Recharter is upon us. Here is the 2018 Recharter Form. If your Scout(s) intend to remain a member of Troop 465, we will need the following from you NO LATER THAN Monday, October 30, 2017:

1. 2018 Recharter Form, filled out completely;

2. BSA Annual Health and Medical Record parts A & B (we don't need part C right now) filled out and signed. Visit the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record section of the Forms Page for an explaination and to download the necessary forms;

3. Payment of $96.00 per Scout and $48.00 per Adult Leader. 2nd+ Scouts in a family can deduct $12.00 from the Scout price if they don't want additional copies of Boys Life; and

4. Adults - Proof of Youth Protection Training (aka, your certificate) showing compliance through 12/31/2018.

Due to the success of the raffle fundraiser, we will not need to raise dues this year. Although the BSA National Council has raised dues $9 per person, 465 Alumni, Inc. will be funding that portion of your dues this year, from the raffle proceeds.

Again, the Deadline for all of this is Monday, October 30, 2017. Please start working on this right away!!! Your Scout(s) won't want to miss out on another year of fun!!!

As always, our Troop does not want to deny the Scouting experience to any boy who wants to be a member of our Troop. If you need financial assistance, please contact me to discuss scholarship opportunities that we have available. Your inquiry will remain confidential.

David A. Canale
Committee Chair
Troop 465

The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America, incorporated on February 8, 1910, and chartered by Congress in 1916, is to:

Provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build character.

Train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship.

Develop personal fitness.

How you can get involved:

JOIN as a youth member with Troop 465.

VOLUNTEER as a Troop Committee member or Assistant Scoutmaster

GIVE to 465 Alumni Inc. to support Troop 465's sponsor.

  Serving youth for over 50 years, Troop 465 has had a proud heritage of molding boys into men according to the criteria listed above. Our Scoutmaster Emeritus, George Lingefelt, say's "If you want boys to become leaders, you have to train them and then let them lead", and thus began our "boy-lead troop" mind set. Clay Limbaugh is our current Scoutmaster and passes these skills on. In fact, Scoutmaster Limbaugh is only our 7th Scoutmaster since 1963.

Since 1996, the Troop Sponsor has been 465 Alumni, Inc., dba Friends of Troop 465, a non-profit organization specifically enacted to support Troop 465 both financially and philosophically. Troop 465 has a permanent Scout Hut, on over 3 acres, thanks to the generosity and foresight of 465 Alumni, Inc.

Troop 465 is unique because of the tremendous support from our members and their families. If you would like more information about joining troop 465, please click here.

BSA Troop 465, 5742 East Cherokee Drive
Canton, GA 30115

Scoutmaster - Clay Limbaugh ,

Committee Chair - David Canale,

For website suggestions, history site additions, pictures of troop events to upload, etc., please email:
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